• Dining Room Design Ideas

Design a Masterpiece With LIVISTA for Your Dining Room!

Have you seen a bunch of people just gather around a table or dining space to admire it? Well, get ready for this fancy treatment as your dining room will get special attention now! All the visitors, who come to your gorgeous abode, will only say that you have great taste and will be green with envy as your dining room will look outstanding. We, at LIVISTA, have the perfect dining room decorating ideas that will take your ordinary dining space to a center of joy and immense beauty.

When it comes to the dining room, we have a few furniture ideas in mind. There are specific furnishing pieces that must make its place in the eating area.  The dining room is a space where you, friends and family gather to have a warm and delicious meal. It is an excellent place for bonding and celebrating food.


Elevate the room with dining sets: -

The heart of your room is the dining table and chairs. If you want the perfect dining set, you need to choose something that reflects your style and personality. We, at LIVISTA, have countless ideas on how you can make no mistakes when it comes to a regal dining table with comfortable chairs.

Counter dining set – Trendy, new and stylish, counter height sets are in the market currently. They are sets that are higher than the traditional table, and if you want your space to be an informal one, this is perfect. A sturdy wooden set with sleek design and comfortable sofa foam chairs. You can find metal legs, which make the area look somewhat like a posh dinner. They are good for bachelor pads, people, who like modern furniture, and those, who wish to bring a new vibe into their house.

Counter dining set

Traditional dining set – A traditional dark brown or wooden mid-century looking table is perfect for formal settings. You can find a range of colours, types, and patterns in the same. They are easily available and should be styled with candles or a chandelier on the ceiling to bring in the old world charm into your space. This set is made for huge families, and basically, for anyone. If you want to stick to a simple dining set, this might be the one. We have incredible furniture design dining table ideas that will work for any large or small space. You can keep the walls white with one side filled with frames else a cabinet containing a small bar area.



Bar table with stools – The younger crowd will adore this dining set idea as bar stools and carts are great for parties. If you have guests over for celebrations and mostly drinking more than eating, this easy to fit in the table is excellent. You can add some rustic furniture around to store the bottles and keep food on one table. This can be the mini bar of your dream that you’ve always wanted in your house. Go for traditional high stools that are comfortable with sofa foam on them. You don’t want the guests to feel like they are at some cheap bar. Other than this, if you have space, you can add an L-shaped bar table to accommodate many guests.

Bar table with stools
Round table – Who says you have to go with a rectangle or square table all the time? You can opt for a huge round table which can be suitable for a family of five people. It doesn’t just work as a dining space but gives a coffee table vibe too. You can have chairs with huge headboards!

Round table
What else to add to the dining area?

Other than a gorgeous dining set, we think there are a few other furniture pieces that need to make it your space. Our dining room design ideas have everything you require to make the right space. Let’s break it down into two portions and discuss what you should have in a large dining area as well as a small one.

  1. Large area –

When you have a large area, you are in luck as you can make it a lavish dining space. You can add a cabinet showcasing your finest crockery and other collections of glass you made from around the world. Many people like collecting different types of shot glasses, which can be displayed in a cabinet in the corner of the room with a spotlight. Besides this, you can have a sideboard attached to the wall to place extra dishes or food items. They can have napkins, spoons and other things that don’t need to be on the table at that time.

large dinning room
The last thing, we feel can be placed in a large dining room is a bar with counter-tops, tall stools and a cabinet with bottles. You can have a drawer with glasses hanging and make this a space for parties only or some alone drinking time. Make sure you pick a corner for this as placing this in the middle portion of a wall can take away from the dining set.

  1. Small area –

Small areas are easier to design, and for LIVISTA, it is a cakewalk. All you require are good lights, dining table set and one extra trolley table. This can be used to bring out food from the kitchen, and you can set it aside too. It can be a multipurpose moving table for a bar. You can have a round small bar cabinet with your finest bottles and glasses kept on it. Simple yet classy!

small dinning room
Adding a flower pot in the corner and a sleek table attached to the wall by the side can make it a multifunctional space. We have brilliant ways and tricks on how to make a small dining area look awe-inspiring.

Décor pieces for the dining room: -

Décor is key and essential in making any room in your beautiful abode special. With a few classy pieces, you can make your boring room truly unique. It is all about choosing what fits with the room and items that complement the furniture as well as the wall. The first thing in a room is picking the wall colour, and if you have a bright colour, you should go with muted furniture like wooden and traditional. For décor, you can stick to metal pieces. This works for a dining space too. How?

Décor pieces for the dining room

  • You can simply have a wooden dining table set, orange or pink walls and metal candle holders along with light fixtures that are of the same kind. This makes the right blend of quirky, loud, subtle, and everything nice. On the contrary, if you have a plain colour like white else grey on the walls, you can stick to furniture pieces with good colour. You can go for black tables and chairs, brown table with orange chairs or any colour you like with some creative work on the tablecloth. Adding flowers with colours, pots, and modern lights in the room will leave you astonished. It will be like no other room in your house for sure!
  • A chandelier or lamp lights hanging from the ceiling can make quite the impact. Your boring, dull dining space will turn into a stunning room with the right lighting. You have to pick a huge piece that emits good enough light and puts all the focus on your dining table set. Don’t forget to add some table mats and candle on the table as that will look cosy.
  • Don’t leave the dining table empty! You can place an artificial flower pot, a candle stand or a napkin basket in the centre. Apart from these things, you can opt for spoon stands, a fancy tray with glasses and jug of water, etc. When you have an empty table, something always seems to be missing from the room. It makes your dining space a total dud, and it does not welcome the guests.
  • Wall fixtures are a popular way to make a dining space light up. With photo frames, paintings, a wall shelf else any kind of décor on the wall can work wonders. We have experts, at LIVISTA, who are aware which piece will fit with your set up the best. We cannot only make your dining space a lively area but also stand out from anything you’ve ever seen!

A dining space is as important as any other room in your house. You have to sit there every day to have your meals, and if it isn’t oozing your personality or good taste, why leave it? Re-decorate the entire room with our help, and we promise your dining room will have a life of its own!