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Living Space Ideas

The living area is one space that is made for the entire family. You can kick back, relax and watch a movie or gather around with your lovely family. It is a common area in the house that should be done tastefully. If you are struggling with living space design ideas and worried about where all the furnishing will go as well as your décor, you’ve come to the perfect spot. Your living room reflects your style and tells visitors what you are all about. You can give us a call to help you design a living room that shows your true personality.

LIVISTA is your ultimate stop when you are searching for marvelous living room design decorating ideas. We have expert designers who know just what fits into your space. We can put together a few colour themes, furniture ideas and what you would want in your living room. Taking all this into an account, we will then design a fabulous living area that represents your style!

Furnishing 101: -

Interior design is all about research and colour scheme like what a fashion designer would do when putting together an entire outfit. With a blend of colours, furniture styles and home décor pieces, you can make your living area engaging, experimental and one of a kind. It will stand out from any other design you might have seen or will see. We are aware of the modern touches a house needs these days and keeping that in mind, we create a collective idea to fill your space in the perfect order.

Under our living room design, we have categorized a few styles of furniture and patterns. You can request for a specific type of your choice, and we will make your interiors look a dream come true. What are the categories? Well, here is a list of the same -

Coastal or Beach furniture

If you stay near the water or have a house beach facing, then you will adore our coastal furnishing ideas. On the contrary, you don’t really need a house near the beach to feel like you are staying near one. Even if you have an apartment in the city, you can totally go for coastal décor in the house. We have some excellent tips and ways on how you can make your living space look like it is a beach house in California. We can make your living room cool, easy, breezy and sun-kissed with a few a pieces of simple, accented furniture.

Country style furniture

Who doesn’t love warm tones of brown, milk painted furniture with a soft yet vintage appearance? Calico fabrics, wood craved decorations and a few other authentic objects across your living room can make it look extremely country. If you want a living space that has a country vibe to it, you can get in touch with us for living space ideas.

Minimal furniture

Who doesn’t like keeping their living room simple and sophisticated? If you believe in ‘less is more’ design style, we’ve got an idea for you. Getting rid of extra clutter and adding a few signature pieces in your living area. Once you send us a concept in our head, we can add our techniques to it to make it a gorgeous living space. When going for the minimal living area, you can add textures to the wall, keep a few vases and candle stands around along with keeping the colour theme in one family. For example, if you like blue, you can have teal, turquoise and all shades of blue around the space mixed in with white walls.

Traditional furnishing

If you want your home to look like castle interiors with vintage furnishing and traditional art, you might be made for the traditional-styled theme. With traditional pieces around your living area, you can give your house a palatial feeling without looking too over to the top. With the right configuration of what goes where you can hit the bull’s eye with this type of style. For getting it all right, you can get in touch with our experts.

Rustic furnishing

Repurposed furniture, timber, dark browns and worn offprint is what rugged is all about. When you are looking to design your living area in a rustic manner, you can use your old furniture that’s been sitting in the attic for a long time. It embraces organic furniture and brings in a contemporary feel to your home. If you love recycling and hate throwing away old gems, you can opt for our rustic furniture theme. Also, rustic furniture looks great with simple wall colours or something loud too.

Boho furniture

Who doesn’t love a little bohemian in the house? With wanderlust of textures, patterns and colours, bohemian is made for those who adore spectrum of colours. We have brainstormed a ton of ideas for this theme and strive to make your living space whether small or large a total hit without fail.

Modern furnishing

Adding technology to the living area gives it an edge. If you love gadgets and want everything to look like it came from the future, we’ve got the right theme for you. With curved TVs, sofa sets with unique headrest, cabinets that have a sleek and glossy appearance and a home theatre system, you can design modern looking living space. Your room can be installed with spotlights across the ceiling so that there aren’t old school tube lights anywhere. Other than this, you can add geometric décor pieces so that it looks futuristic! Metal pots and artificial plants can give it an eccentric yet exquisite feel.

Collectors’ furniture

Do you often collect historical items, furniture pieces and other things that you would love to display? Why not put it in the living area? Our collectors’ furniture theme revolves around all the old school and vintage furniture plus classic finds that look awe-inspiring. Off-white walls, brown sofa set, furniture with cravings, a vintage photo frame, antique collection of your items or décor pieces that look like they came from another era look beautiful. Put all this in one space, and you have a theme ready for all your rooms.

These are just a few themes we offer to our clients. You can put down your thoughts, and we will make your dreams come true with the perfect living area.

Wondering how to use space?

It can be quite challenging to find something that works for a living room interior design for small spaces but worry not as we have designers who have worked with the most compact living rooms. It is all about positioning, colours and how much storage you want in your space. You can stick to the basic, TV on the wall, a small sofa set, a cabinet and some vases. But if you are someone who adores décor pieces all around the room, we can find the perfect plan to work out space.

A good idea to design a small space is by going for white walls, and pastel coloured décor like lamps, vases, and picture frames along with a dark coloured sofa set. You can add foldable side tables or chairs for extra seating when a guest comes over. These are just ideas to tell you how much you can add to a small living room.

Big spaces always have an advantage over compact ones, but overcrowding of furniture is a common mistake with everyone. We understand that people love filling every corner in the living room if it is quite big but that can make it look dull and too much! An excellent way to make your already huge space look massive is by going for a subtle contemporary.

What’s subtle contemporary?

When we talk about subtle contemporary, we mean everything modern and classy. You can divide the room into a separate space for a dining room if you don’t have one in the house else make it a small library. Many times, people use the extra space to make a balcony to extend their already existing one to add a few plants, coffee table with chairs.

When referring to indoors space, you can make one area for seating only and the other a space for the art collection. Dedicate one wall to family pictures or artwork that you love and the rest of the living area for a large sofa set, TV with cabinets if needed and long lamps. The reading area can consist of artificial indoor plants, lamps, a sofa chair and just minimal colours whereas the seating area can have textured walls, a separate theme and much more. We have experts who know how to make your large space look massive without having to do too much spending or work. It is quite easy to design a living room if you have an idea clear in your mind.

We absolutely adore designing and know how to work with the right furniture for every home. LIVISTA is your one-stop destination to make your living room magical!