• Vastu

Your home should not only please the eyes, but also your soul. With our  Vastu consultation, you can get peace of mind knowing that everything in your home is compliant with tried and tested, age-old VastuShastra.

Vastu packages :

  • Vastu at a glance - A brisk evaluation report sheet of your apartment
  • Customized Vastu for you - A detailed evaluation of all your family members which will include husband, wife and children.
  • Personal Vastu - A detailed evaluation of all your family members along with personal visit.
  • Complete Vastu - At the charge of 2% of the property/ construction project cost, you get over 5 personal visits
    > Customized Vastu for you package
    > 5 Vastu pujas
    > Intimation of all the muhurats from laying down the foundation stone till grihapravesh
    > In case you are already in possession of the property and living in it, we will start from the scratch and perform all needed evaluations and vastu ceremonies.
  • Pricing available on request.