• Why Us?

  • About Livista

  • Livista was born out a need to help people find harmony and balance in today's always-on, chaotic world. We design and decorate spaces to tell stories, create memories, and inspire conversations. We recognize that spaces have enormous significance in our lives. When we think about happy memories and our best moments, we think of where we were. For us, our happy place is help you build yours. 

  • How We Do It For You

  • Understand what you would like for yourself by going through a series of choices that you would make with help of our design expert after minutely analysing your kind of palette.

    Discuss what you have chosen with your personal design expert at one of our studios and get a first hand experience of how your home interior would look once we are done with it. You will get to know the actual feel of it by touching the materials that you choose and a 360 degree view of of your finished interior with help of technology.

    You will be then asked to make all the changes that comes to your mind and add all the knick knacks that you might want to add. You are the best person to decide on this as no one know better about how you cook, what you sleep in and what are you willing to use your hard earned money on.